Just a gentle jog

That was the direction that Zombies, Run! gave me when I started up my run this morning and I stuck to it for 30 minutes and called it good. I’m never sure what I ought to do for these workouts in-between 5×5 sessions; I’m not super sore today, but my hips, glutes, abs and obliques are twingey. Hopefully I got some fresh blood in there.

It’s so cold here today! The "feels like" temperature is 6ºF. I secretly enjoy this because I get to bust out my upper Midwesterner cold weather strategies– sorry, I get a little smug when everyone’s waiting out in the cold in too-light clothing and I’m comfortably swaddled in fleece, wool and down. Layers, folks! On the way in we saw two girls walking to school wearing only hoodies and jeans… (Although I remember being a kid and insisting that I never needed a coat, too.)

This is my last week of work until New Years and honestly I’m in a panic trying to get things done before I take off. I’ve been coming home from work, eating dinner, then pulling out my work laptop and working until bedtime. I have 2 big data projects to finish up (one almost done, one not even started yet), a journal paper to get reviewer responses and final edits out on (reviewer 1 wants ALL NEW FIGURES and I want to scream), and a meeting with a project funder next week to prep for (thank goodness we had a really lax schedule and according to that we’re on track). Gonna be working during my break probably…

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