You might think…

You might think that, since I’m on vacation and all, I might have plenty of time to go out for a run. Sadly, this is not the case. This week has been an exhausting whirlwind of Christmas prep and home improvement– namely, round 1 of Paintmageddon. I painted the kitchen, which was solid yellow– walls, trim and ceiling– a lovely light blue (and the ceiling white). It took me 3 days of solid work. My husband painted his bathroom a seaglass green, which took slightly less time. I suppose I could’ve squoze a run in there but I was falling-asleep-sitting-up tired at the end of the day as it was. (Did I mention I was also calling in to work meetings too, despite being off? fml.)

But! Today was a little better; it’s been laundry and trip prep and I had time to get out for a run in the afternoon, 4.2mi in 49:44 and nice warm weather (for December, anyway– it was 45ºF).

We’re heading out to visit my parents for a short trip over Christmas, and I’d like to do the everyday treadmill run routine that I always do when I visit (they have a perfectly adequate treadmill in the basement that only gets used when I show up). But my cousin will be there visiting too, and my husband and I have the spare bedroom so the basement is her sleeping space. Hopefully she won’t mind sharing it for a little bit.

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