running up to Christmas

We’re at my parents’ now, so naturally I’m taking advantage of the dusty treadmill in their basement to get some vacation runs in (and not run outside in the snowy cold).

Yesterday I resolved to run as long as one episode of the Great British Bake-Off. Their episodes are longer than I thought they’d be! That one was 4.35 miles in 52:16, same speed (12’00”) all the way through.

Today I didn’t watch TV; I teed up an episode of Zombies, Run! and got underway planning to run for 35 minutes. I did run for 35 minutes, but I kept turning the treadmill up, starting at 12’00” and ending at 9’00”, total of 3.14 miles.

We’ll see if I can keep up running every day while I’m here. It’s so convenient, and their little treadmill is actually really nice to run on. It feels good to get some exercise in while I’m on vacation.

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