Happy New Year from the deep freeze

Hope you all had a lovely holiday! Like much of the US, we’ve been having super cold weather lately that’s kept me indoors. I would’ve liked to get some runs in between Christmas and New Years, but I had to settle for some HIIT and a walk. It was not a very active holiday break.

Today I’m back at the office, and in the weight room picking up were I left off with 5×5 (sort of). The day didn’t have a very good start. My husband dropped me off at the train station this morning, and he stayed until just when the train was due to arrive so I wouldn’t freeze. As soon as he drove off, an announcement crackled over the PA: the train had hit a deer and had mechanical damage so it was stopped. So, we had to stand around in 8ºF for 35 minutes for the next one (which was also late). Thankfully I’d dressed very warmly this morning but it just wasn’t enough, and when the train finally arrived I was chilled to the bone.

I was still cold when I got to the gym, so I changed into my gym clothes and wrapped a scarf around my neck like one of those hipster lifting bros. I warmed up with 10 minutes run on the treadmill and was so happy when I started sweating slightly. Finally warm! Then it was time to lift.

Squat – 3x5x45lb (warmup), 5x5x115lb
Bench – 2x10x45 (warmup), 5x5x95lb
BO Row – 2x10x45lb (warmup), 5x75lb (too heavy!), 4x5x65lb
Bonus farmers walk, 45lb each hand

Despite all that, I’m still cold back at my desk. I’m guessing my core temp’s going to be depressed most of the day.

When I get some time, I’m planning to do a 2017 recap post and do some blog housekeeping, writing a bit about what I’ve got planned for 2018 and putting some deep thoughts out in the light.

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