Q: How do you eat an elephant?

A: One bite at a time.

Not that I would eat an elephant, that’s awful.

Anyway, right now life is feeling like I’ve just got too much going on. I can’t decide if I’m disorganized, am having poor time management, or if perhaps I’m just overloaded. Probably a little of each. And the feeling of having more demanded of me than I can pull off is one of my least favorite feelings.

Part of the issue is that one of the people demanding of me is me. I just put together an updated to-do list for work; it’ll be a busy month but I think I should be able to handle what’s on there. On the other hand, my personal to-do list is ill-defined. I’ve been saying "I need to make doctor/dentist/eye doctor appointments" for 3 months. I haven’t had a haircut since June (guess I’m growing my hair out!) Going and getting a couple new ear piercings has also been on the radar for months. And then there’s that giant "paint/repair/empty/list the condo" task looming over me– spring will be here so soon. (Not to mention that 2017 wrap-up blog post I promised, ahem…) I’ve got personal worries eating cycles at work, and work worries eating cycles at home, and I’m not being good at finding blocks of time to accomplish things.

Anyway workout stuff is also eating cycles, though I’m very happy that it’s mostly a habit now and I just show up. This morning was one of those; early meeting = gym first thing, short run (2.75mi, 30 minutes), shower and done.

But writing out that paragraph above with all the personal stuff that’s lingering was good, that’s the start of a to-do list there. I’m on a mission today: more lists. And a superficial blog post because I’ve got other stuff to do.

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