Catching up

Yeah, this blog seems to have fallen towards the bottom of my list of priorities. Thankfully workouts have not. I’ll gladly post less if I have more time to run. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Friday: treadmill 5k. My dumb tracker said it was the fastest 5k I’d ever done. I think it lies, the speed on the treadmill was different and it doesn’t really count anyway because flat. Regardless, it was a good run.

Saturday: omg guess what happened! I asked my husband if he wanted to go for a run and he said yes! So we put on our shoes and headed out, I coaxed him into a slow and steady pace (he’s the type of person who would rather sprint, he’s actually really fast but only for a very short time) and he powered through an entire 3 miles with only one walking break after a big hill. I was amazed. It took me months to be able to run a damn mile. I’m just super proud of him. :) Now the question is, will he ever run again? He’s so sore right now, he’s been hobbling around for a couple days…

Today (Monday): Short on time, hurried out for 30 minutes between meetings (called into my after meeting still in my running clothes with sweaty face). Fit in 2.72mi so that’s not half bad.

That’s about all. Back in the weight room tomorrow.

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