You can do more than you think you can

A few weeks ago, my grandboss left for a new job. I was pretty sad about it– she really helped me to grow in my career. So at her going-away gathering, I stood up and shared how much I appreciated that she always encouraged me to take on new things and helped me when I floundered doing those new things– and her response was so wondeful: "You can do more than you think you can." Which is a great mindset to take into every part of my life.

So using that as a frame for my workout the last couple days, I feel like I went above and beyond my own expectations, even when it was tough. I wound up splitting the 5x5A workout over 2 sessions for time reasons, but it was good because I could really focus in on its pieces.

Thursday was rough, I was short on sleep and Tuesday’s squats were brutal and I was still sore. Thought about skipping squats, doing fewer sets, doing lighter sets. Instead, I put another 5lb on the bar and crushed it. Then I farted around trying to get the power rack set up to bench with safety bars, but never really got it settled and ran out of time. I hate benching with yoga blocks under my feet.

Squat – 5x2x45lb, 5x115lb, 5x135lb (warmup), 5x5x155lb
Bench – warmup, lots of trying to configure the power rack, a couple reps at 115lb

Friday– short on sleep again, surprise surprise. It’s hard to recover when I can’t get to sleep. But I showed up ready to get my bench workout done, wasn’t sure how it would turn out because bench has been really tough and humbling for me lately.

Bench – 2x5x45lb, 2x5x65lb, 5x95lb (warmup), 5x5x115lb, 2x5x95lb (narrow grip)
Row – 5x5x85lb
Bonus: Biceps, mucho triceps, lats, pecs, shoulders

The bench sets were ugly. I hard failed twice– there was another bench sitting next to me, and I could drop the bar onto it, slide it down to my lap, and wriggle out, but I got J to spot my last set (which was good because I failed). 2 of the 5 had a little rest between reps 1-3 and 4-5. It was a mess but I feel good about the progress today, it’s an improvement from last week. And then I did rows and a mass of accessory work to hit my weak triceps and some other stuff. Gonna be sore tomorrow.

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