Trying on a belt

Today is a weird day– I drove in to work super early, since I have to drive folks to a coworker’s funeral today. I’m glad we can carpool, it kind of encourages people to go too– the family might appreciate our little contingent paying our respects and sharing some nice memories.

Since I was in by 6:30am, I went straight to the gym and got started with my 5x5B workout. It was crowded in the weight room, but no one was using the barbells, it was a bunch of dudes doing dips and curls. This made it easy for me; I could have 2 racks set up at a time and get my warmups going between work sets.

Squat – 2x5x45lb, 2x5x115lb, 5x5x170lb
OHP – 2x5x45lb, 5x5x75lb
Deadlift – 5x135lb, 5x205lb, (2,3)x235lb

I did my first set of squats and my lower back just felt crunky (it usually does). Then I had a brainwave: put a belt on! I’ve never lifted with a belt before (cue debate about building core strength vs lifting more), but now that these are getting heavy it’s probably not a bad idea. I grabbed one from the wall (note to self, get own belt), put it on nice and tight, did my Valsalva against it and banged out 4 more sets without much problem and, most importantly, without my lower back hurting. Belt works! And I liked it so much I kept it on for OHP and deadlift too.

OHP@75lb was really hard and grind-y, so I’m stuck there for another week or two. Deadlift might be getting towards the top of what I want to rep. My set of 5 was a set of 3, a short break, and 2 more, though it went okay. I was drinking coffee during my workout and I remembered why I don’t do that when I had some pee come out :-/ And my pants were light enough that it showed quite clearly (no puddle at least!) So after DL I called it a day and skipped accessory lifts.

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