Dragging; lifting

Feeling pretty beat down today, and glad this is my last lifting session of the week, I need a rest. Yesterday I had 2 little cardio sessions– I went and elliptical’d and stretched in the late morning, and then my husband wanted to go for a run when we got home from work. (Running with my valentine!) Neither of them was very strenuous, but maybe it’s cumulative because I feel tired today.

Squat – 2x5x45lb, 2x5x135lb, 5x5x175lb
Bench – 10x45lb, 2x5x95lb, 5x5x120lb
Row – 5x5x90lb (still heavy)

I’m starting to love squatting with a belt on. I just worry so much less about my back, and I can focus in on my legs doing what they’re supposed to. Not that my back is less sore or anything– it’s just not sore/hurting when I’m lifting. Bench was a little grindy but thanks to some velocity and careful set up all the sets went up fine. I’m glad to have some confidence back! And rows, well, they were crappy and 90lb is probably too heavy because my form is suffering a little but I’m not taking weight off darnit, my muscles can catch up.

I have potentially a 4 day weekend, or at least 3.5 if I need to work a little tomorrow. This weekend my good friend is back in town for Chinese New Year and she wants to go out for dinner Friday and Saturday so I’m looking forward to that. Other things on the agenda include: tidying up the house for the realtor’s visit and inspection on Sunday (YESSSSS it’s finally happening) and probably a long run at some point. And some sleep… sweet blessed sleep…

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