So much going on

It’s been a while since I updated! I’ve been pretty light on workouts lately; life has been busy. Big win though: my husband is going running with me a couple times a week now! They’re not fast or long runs but I’m okay with that (okay, mostly). On Saturday we went out for just about 3 miles, and he wasn’t sore the next day, which is a good sign.

This weekend was pretty intense. My friend was in town and since she loves to eat that meant going out for dinner Friday and Saturday (sushi, sausage and snow crab for me, it works!) We also went to an open house Saturday– the house was just up the road from my inlaws, and I think that was a no-go for both of us, really. On Sunday the real estate agents we’re hiring to list the condo came to visit and see the place, and they suggested that we should have all the prep work done in a month and get it listed as early as we can. This is going to be interesting; we have a ton to do. They were also a bit more optimistic than we are about the market in our area, so that was nice to hear even if I’m not sure I believe them.

So after all that I was motivated to get started and since I had Monday off it became paint-a-bedroom day. I cleared out all the stuff from the spare bedroom and spent from 9am to 8pm painting (ceiling, trim, walls). It was a very long day, but I’m glad to have a sense of how much I can do in one person-day. (Especially since we’ve got 2 more bedrooms and the sprawling main area to do yet.)

Today I’m body tired with sore hands from all the rollering and it was supposed to be a squat/OHP/deadlift day but I noped that and did 30 light minutes on the elliptical with a stretch instead. I’ll lift tomorrow.

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