Upper limit problem?

I wedged in exactly 1 hour of lifting this morning before starting my day. The lifts are getting pretty heavy now and, although my ultimate goal is to continue getting stronger and adding weight to the bar, I’m starting to feel like … at what cost progress?

Squat – 5x45lb, 2x5x135lb, 5x5x180lb
OHP – 5x45lb, 5x5x75lb
Deadlift – 5x135lb, 5x205lb, fail@245lb, 5x235lb

Squats were belted again and 180lb went up with some effort. I don’t mind grinding reps with a belt on; I can isolate doing the work with my legs better and not worry about my back. On the other hand I should be careful to continue the core work to support the weight (which I haven’t been as diligent with).

OHP was still hard but not as super hard as last time. If I could add like 2lb not 5lb it might be okay. I guess we’ll see how I feel next week.

Deadlifts though– a mess. I opted to go up 10lb from last week’s hot mess, but that bar was stuck to the dang floor. Too soon! So I dropped it back to 235lb and did 5. So remember Angry QL? That was on the right side. Today my left QL is making its presence known– not a strain or anything, just saying "wtf u doin?" My back has been super crunky as it is (being hunched over painting will do that) so I think I just need some rest and mebs a massage. I’m debating skipping squats in my next workout and just doing bench and rows to get some extra rest.

Tonight my husband wants to go for a run. Which is yay– but it’s gonna be on tired legs…

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