In order to get into writing this post, I need to rewind my brain to before the morale-crushing meeting I just led. (I have Great Old Ones in my ears, very loud, because that’s just how today is going. Also channeling Aggretsuko.)

Okay. Earlier today, before my soul was destroyed, I went to the gym for a bench workout and some accessory work. My dudes, I am tired. I had a squat/DL workout yesterday, and in the evening I went out on a run with my husband and tackled 3 miles of hills. Then I slept poorly and when I got to the gym I was already wiped out. (I should’ve had a rest day in between, but I’m taking tomorrow off and therefore no gym to do bench in.) The 5x5A workout also has squat and row, but I opted to just bench today.

Bench – 2x5x45lb, 2x5x95lb, (2×3)x125lb, 2x125lb, 3x5x120lb
Bonus: Back extensions, biceps, triceps, B/O dumbbell row, kettlebell side bends, plank, foam rolling

Bench didn’t go very well. I had hoped to add weight and do some strong sets at 125lb, but it just wasn’t happening for me today. I gutted out as long as I felt safe, and then took some weight off and finished the 5 sets. I was disappointed; my last bench session went so well and I was sure I’d be able to add 5lb without a problem. Oh well, next time I’ll try again.

It was nice to have time to do the accessory work I’ve been neglecting and spend some time with the foam roller (brutal but so good).

Back to work, and comforting myself somewhat with no matter how stupid today is going, I have tomorrow off. (And I’m painting a bedroom again, but not thinking about that right now…)

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4 Responses to Crapola

  1. Laurie says:

    Have a good day off tomorrow. A 5k with hubby is vary appealing. Maybe I will suggest it tonight. Your gym workout is amazing!

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    I think I need to hear more about the morale-crushing soul-destroying meeting. Unless you don’t want to talk about it.

    Also, yes that is an AMAZING workout! even if you didn’t add onto the 125.

    I’ve found I can’t predict whether it will be a Good Workout Day or a Bad Workout Day. I can go into one feeling strong and energetic and have terrible weak lifts. Or vice versa.

    • G says:

      Oh, I could rant for a good long while about it! I’m leading one location’s worth of an IT consolidation project. We have primarily 2 technical folks working on it, I’ll call them Old Sysadmin and Noob Sysadmin. Old Sysadmin is a grumpy mf’er who has been maintaining our spit-and-duct-tape systems for years, knows everything, and can’t deal with change; Noob Sysadmin is doing most of the actual work but doesn’t know much. Complicating matters is that the locations that are consolidating have wildly different IT practices. Anyway, Old Sysadmin is doing everything that he can do to make sure nothing moves forward while threatening to quit, he has no boss on site, and while I’m trying to explain to other management that his attitude is derailing the project and causing everyone else to lose faith in our ability to get it done, his buddy (another codger who knows everything) is defending him and attacking the project. The project is Not Optional. This is super fun for me, a shiny and new project manager, to deal with, and I have no authority over anything…

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