Bless the gym staff

Catching up on my workout writeups again… Yesterday evening $husband and I went out for a nice 3 miler as darkness fell. Well, I thought it was nice– he was hanging on by the skin of his teeth! He hasn’t learned how to pace himself yet, though he can see his pace– he keeps trying to go out really hard and poops out a bit in the later miles. This run wound up averaging 11’28" by the end. It works– we both have goals to get faster, and he’s "naturally fast" while I’m not so maybe our speed trajectories will converge even though I started much longer ago and I’m a little ahead of him at the moment.

Today called for a 5x5B workout of squats, deadlift and OHP. My lower back is still pretty unhappy. I belted up for a first set of squats at 185lb, which went fine, but for the second one I asked a gym staffer for a form check. (It really is hard to evaluate your own form when you’re focused on trying to push a heavy weight.) She watched me do 5 and said my back was falling down in the return and my knees were collapsing– which is really valuable feedback to get, and might be why my back isn’t feeling good. So: take off the belt, deload and do them light until all the weak parts catch up. I tried some deadlifts and wasn’t really feeling it today either; my hands hurt too. I did OHP light and did some bonus core work and I’m pretty satisfied with today, despite it not going exactly to plan.

Squat – 5x45lb, 5x135lb, 2x5x185lb, 3x5x115lb
DL – 5x135lb, 3x205lb
OHP – 5x5x65lb
Bonus: Back extensions, ball crunches, kettlebell side bends, plank

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