A tale of two runs and some potential big news

Catching up again! Two runs in two days, a little different styles but both good.

Run the first was on Sunday, with $husband. I tried to talk him into 4 miles but he said no way, and we set out for 3 miles of big hills. He hung in there like a trooper, even through he was on the strugglebus for the steepest, longest ones. The trick for me is to give him a gentle push while making sure it’s not so hard that he just up and quits. He’s still a little hung up on his pace so I try and encourage him to run where it’s comfortable.

Run the second was this morning. It’s a bit chilly today, just above freezing, and I faced a dilemma where I’ve packed up my warmest running clothes so I needed to do some creative layering. Regardless, at halfway I was plenty warm and my gloves came off. (The sun helped too!) It was a pretty good run at a strong pace covering some challenging hills, finishing 5k in 33:09.

So $husband and I have been not only preparing to sell our condo but also doing some house hunting. The past couple weekends we’ve been touring houses for sale, which has been interesting and difficult in equal parts. We had our hearts broken by the very first place we looked at; we really liked it but it immediately went under contract so it got away. Based on that experience, when we toured a house yesterday that we liked well enough (pretty house, great location, needs some work but the price is good for us) we jumped on it and made an offer right away. Our realtor sent us an email today that he had "good news" so we’ll call him this evening. The whole process was disturbingly easy and went totally against my slow tendencies. I hope we’re making a good decision; of course we still have the inspection process to get through so it could still not happen even if the offer is accepted.

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