Forever catching up

So this blog post will cover five — yes, five — workouts. I spent last week on work travel and managed to hit the gym in the morning before my meetings, but didn’t have the time to write about them. Now I’m playing catch-up with everything else as I get back to my normal work– how is it that things were so quiet last week and now everyone’s hair is on fire?

First, let me say that hotel gyms are the worst. I was staying in a pretty nice hotel (second nicest in the small city where I was stuck for work) and they had a generous 2 treadmills, 2 ellipticals, a stairclimber, a cable weight machine (ooo fancy!) and some dumbbells and a bench. It wasn’t a bad space. It wasn’t a sweatbox like they usually are. It was just cramped with a lovely view of a parking lot. And every day when I came in there was a woman who had laid her mat directly in front of the dumbbell rack like she couldn’t imagine that anyone would use them– and then glared at me when I had to basically step over her. I got 3 workouts done there, 2 30 minute runs and one crappy lifting sesh + 5 min running intervals. It was just enough to give me a sense of accomplishment before a draining day.

When I got home I was pretty lumpy, Friday and Saturday I just sat around. On Sunday $husband and I went for a nice run on the hilly hard route, 3.66mi in like 43 minutes and some change. He’s not quite happy with the big hills yet, but he hung in there. Today it was a really nice morning so I did pretty much the same run again at my pace, 3.91mi in 40:42. It was a hot run and I’m sneezy and my nose is running now.

Back to work!

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