We’re all at where we’re at

One Thursday a month I have a meeting at 9:30am and I have to shuffle my gym schedule. Not a big deal, but I get grumpy about it as I am a creature of habit. The meeting is also highly likely to get cancelled with no notice ("why did I get up early and cut my workout short for you to cancel at the last minute? rude!") And that’s exactly what happened today. Adding insult to injury, the trains were running on a reduced schedule and the gym opened late! I’ll just take 5 minutes to be grumpy about it all and move on with my day.

But I did get a workout in, and it was a good one. I’m still pretty sore after Tuesday’s lifting, especially in the quadular area. I kicked around the idea of deferring or lightening squats, but instead I did a loooooong warmup (including 5 minutes on the treadmill) and added weight, even did a heavy single at the end (easy peasy!) I also tried out a wider foot position and a narrower hand position and it helped my form a LOT. I’ve been at this for years but I’m still finding little tweaks. Squats took forever today but I got some deadlifts in too. I was pleased that 245lb went up relatively easily as singles, but disappointed when I left a puddle on the floor after #2. I sense a marketing opportunity… Deadlift Diapers(TM), A slim silhouette under your singlet! Anyway I was running short on time so I stopped at 2, wiped up the mess, and hit the showers to run to my (cancelled) meeting.

Squat – 2x5x45lb, 2x5x115lb, 5x135lb, 5x5x155lb, 1x175lb
Deadlift – 5x135lb, 5x205lb, 2x1x245lb

When I was putting the weights back after leaving the puddle on the floor, this kind of frail-looking older man came up to me and said, "It’s kind of embarrassing, you’re lifting all that and I can’t even budge it!" There is so much to unpack in that. I just smiled and said, "We’re just all where we’re at, you know?"

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