Magnesium magic, and Friday bench-day

Yooo happy Friday! I am hunting down and taking out items from the to-do list today. A nagging one has been trying to get a visa application going for work travel to China (omg, right?) and our travel arranger is not as clear on the requirements as I’d like so I’ve been poking through websites and documents trying to figure out what I need to ask my hosts for. Found it– asked for it– moving forward to the next item on the list.

My 5×5 schedule is kind of weird, since I can only lift T-F. Typically that means one A and one B a week to make sure I get enough rest. But bench is something I can work on without worrying about my sore-ass lower body– so today I did a double press workout, with bench and OHP. More bench volume, with a nice long warmup for my tight shoulders! And there was a little improvement since Tuesday so that’s cool. Up to 135lb next week, maybe?

Bench – 10x45lb, 2x5x95lb, 2x5x115lb, 3x5x130lb, 4x130lb, 3x130lb
OHP – 10x45lb, 5x75lb, 4x5x65lb (75 was just too much after bench)
Bonus: GH raises, KB side bends, plank– 3 sets

I’ve been struggling with a lot of soreness and DOMS this week and someone suggested an Epsom salts bath (rather than oral magnesium, which was making me spend too much time in the bathroom). Did it ever work! It was lovely, even tingly as the magnesium did its magic. I slept like a rock after the bath and woke up feeling much better. This is going right into the recovery rotation!

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