Not my best effort

Meh. I went to the weight room all excited today to do some BIG LIFTS and left kind of deflated after some things didn’t go as planned. I still go a decent workout in, and nothing catastrophic happened, but I feel like I wasn’t quite at 100% today.

Squat – 2x5x45lb, 2x5x115lb, 5x135lb, 5x165lb, 1x165lb
Bench – 2x10x45lb, 2x5x115lb, ([4,1],[4,1],5,[3,2],3)x130lb
Leg press – 5x5x(250lb+sled)

I started with a nice 5 minute run to warm up my hips and got into squats with some warmup sets that felt fine. I was probably overly ambitious putting another 10lb on the bar, the first work set felt really rough and that one rep felt bad on my lower back so I called it quits and decided to do some half-assed leg presses instead. Stupid lower back.

Doing bench at 135lb was on the table this morning but I’m glad I stuck with 130lb, I still have some work to do. The bench is right next to the EZ bar stand and there was this guy there doing curls and he seemed to linger a long time. I was happy he did, though, when I failed on my last set and he bailed me out. (I need to stop failing reps…) So maybe he was lingering to keep an eye on me, that’s okay.

I feel like I’m fighting my body trying to build strength while doing this big cut. I’m sure it would be simpler if I had one or the other as my primary goal, but really I’m doing both.

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