feelin a little tired

Catching up on a few workouts again, as is the pattern these days. $husband and I went out for a nice 3.38mi run on Saturday (40:08), and on Sunday I went out by myself for a 6.69mi longer run (1:16). They were both pretty chill and I was pleased with ’em.

Today, though, a bench workout was on the menu and I was not feeling it at all. I added 5lb, going up to 135lb, and it went reasonably well considering. My sets of 5 became sets of 4– no big worry about that. Since I was working heavier without a spotter, I’ll deal with shorter sets rather than worrying about failing pushing for 5. I’ll probably do one more workout at 135lb this week and try to go to 140lb next week even if I’m not at the full 5×5 (I won’t be!) This next month is basically how much more can I lift before I’m interrupted by the trip to China– and then the comp’s a week or two after that.

Bench – 5x4x135lb

No squats, rows or accessories today. I pulled out the foam roller and had a good go-over my glutes and hip flexors (there were some ouchy hot spots) and did a quickie yoga flow just to stretch everything out some.  Tomorrow I might be able to do squat+DL in the morning if I get there early… guess I’m going in early.

This week is slightly crazy. Tomorrow and Thursday are cram-jammed with meetings and a trip to the embassy Thursday morning since I have to apply for my visa in person. Friday we’re closing on the house; that’s scheduled for 10am and $husband and I both took the day off and we’re not sure what to do afterward. Go to the bar? Move stuff? Sit in the floor in our empty new house? (With champagne?) We scheduled movers for next Friday so there’s an odd lull; I guess we can continue to pack and trickle move stuff. At least we don’t need to take anything to the storage unit anymore, only from.

I had a good amount of cash money dollaz that I’d been saving for a down payment. It was like security money in the meanwhile; if anything happened I could make do for a pretty long time. I sent it away yesterday. That hurt. I feel a little exposed.

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