This week, I tell ya.

My life is barely organized chaos right now, but at least I can say it’s interesting. T-minus 2 days to the move. Once the condo is empty it’s time to do a deep clean, we have pictures Monday and listing shortly after that. My trip to China next month is finally arranged, I have a visa and a flight and a hotel so I just need to do the prep work before I go. This morning I had my mid-term review with my supervisor and he said "you’re doing a ton of stuff but you need to do more X Y and Z". Let me just fit that in, eh?

Workouts haven’t been at the tippytop of my priority list lately, but regardless I’m making some progress. On Monday I squeezed in a 30 minute run between meetings and decided to see how fast I could go. The answer to that turned out to be 3 miles (on hills, no less!) Yep, that’s just about the elusive 30min 5k I’ve been chasing. Huh.

And today I showed up early to the weight room to squeeze some bench press in before that performance review. My 5×5 sets are turning into 5x(4, pause, 1) sets but heck, I’m getting to 5 at heavier weights so I can’t complain. 140lb next week? Maybe?

Bench – 10x45lb, 10x95lb, 5x115lb, 5x5x135lb
Row – 5x5x85lb

I tried to start with some squats but my hips are just really unhappy and I decided not to bother after some spectacularly bad warmup sets. Ah well. Maybe tomorrow.

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