Not feelin it today

That seems to be my mantra: I’m not feelin it today.

I showed up to the gym ready and willing to do a squat/DL workout, did my warmup run, started my warmup squat sets, felt like utter garbage. My hips hurt and I felt barf-y. This is my last chance to lift until next Tuesday, but I scrubbed the whole workout and took a long shower. I’ve felt pretty crap all day.

That’s too bad because I’m trying to cram a massive amount of work into today so I can take off tomorrow for the move. The movers are supposed to arrive 8:30-9:30am; naturally I have a meeting at 10:30am that I must call into and no guarantee of internet access. $husband needs to be at the new house for the locksmiths so I can’t ask him to deal with it.

Also my project is a flaming turd and it keeps getting doused with lighter fluid. Got some great (sarcasm) news today and everything is basically FUBAR.

If I could, tonight would be a great night for liquor and not giving a crap, but instead we need to do move prep…

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