All about the stretch

The best part of today’s workout was that I took a good 20 minutes at the end of it to stretch and really get into some of the places in my body that are chronically messed up. And it was a good time to do it; everything is good and warmed up after heavy deadlifts!

The worst part of today’s workout was the beginning of it when I tried to work on squats. I think I just need to back off them for a while. Even at my warmup weight, I wasn’t hitting depth and my hip flexors were screaming. And that was after 5 minutes of running and lots of baby squats and lunges and stretching.

Deadlifts went okay, although I didn’t do much volume.

Squat – 2x5x45lb, 3x5x135lb
Deadlift – 5x135lb, 5x205lb, 2x1x235lb

In positive news, the move from condo to new house is all done! (Carrying all those boxes probably contributed to my aches and pains…) I took some time yesterday and unpacked and configured the kitchen and put all my clothes back in the dresser so it finally feels like I can live there like a normal person. We have a lot more to do before the house is settled, but it’s a start. Sunday we finished clearing out the condo and gave it the deep clean of its life. I think the realtor had pictures taken yesterday. On track…

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