New hood, new route

We moved in last weekend, but this afternoon was the first chance I had to get out into the neighborhood on foot. That probably says something about this week.

One of the things I was going to miss most about Old Place was the access to really good routes to run on– it was close to a couple winding-through-countryside roads with sidewalks. New Place is more urban. But I think I found a good 3-4 mile out and back, around a nearby massive retirement home complex (my friend calls it the “old people preserve”. The grounds are all fenced off, but I can see the trees on the inside. I headed out for 3 miles and it took me a bit over 30 minutes.

I think I got most of the “must-dos” done this workweek, at least. The condo listed yesterday and we got an offer already today, not sure if we should take it, we’re meeting with the realtor later. Real estate is weird. We might have underpriced…

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1 Response to New hood, new route

  1. Moving is very hectic. I remember when I was doing it last year! I am glad you found a runnable route!

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