Workout salads: a mix of mostly unrelated things

Today was a solid mash of meetings, it’s just after 4 and I finally have some quiet time and I’m writing a blog post– mostly just to push back against my stupid day. I showed up to work this morning feeling like I could be productive, but really I’ve just sat on teleconferences– and I could try to make a dent in my actual work pile in 30 minutes, I guess? but I’m going to write a thing instead.
Anyway I have 2 or maybe 3 workouts to catch up on. I’ll work backwards. Today was a leg day, but rather than lifting heavy I focused on accessories and stabilizing exercises, along with a little side and lower back work. 3 sets of 10: leg press, barbell lunge, weighted side bend, one leg high box squat, cable wood chop, one leg dumbbell RDL, barbell goodmorning, glute ham raises – plus a 45lb each hand farmer’s walk. The one-legged squats on a tall box reminded me that my ROM is shit, I had a really hard time with them. This workout kicked my butt; it’s been a while since I had full-on noodle legs. I was busy today but I got to the gym early so I had an hour.

Yesterday I had exactly 20 minutes to hit the gym before my first meeting. How much lifting can I fit into 20 minutes? Exactly this much: 3×5 bench, 3×10 ez bar bicep curls/triceps extensions, 3×5 super light squats, 3×5 super light deadlifts, 3×10 rear delt flys, 3×10 shrugs, plank. It’s probably not optimized for anything at all, but it was quick. (I really should find a proper program and just do it. Ugh.)

Over the weekend I didn’t run but went for nice walks every day. :)

Last Friday I started on the rowing machine and then chewed up my already blistering hands with a lot of dumbbell lifts that I don’t remember. My butt hurt after 20 minutes rowing. I suppose my butt is missing some cushioning now.

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