Finding time to relax, kind of

The long Memorial Day weekend is over. I stretched it an extra day and took today (Tuesday) off; I’m glad I did because to me, the entire weekend felt like a sprint and I need at least one chill day. My parents arrived at 2am on Saturday morning; I waited up for them (I haven’t stayed up that late for a while!) We did family stuff on Saturday, and then had 11 guests for a BBQ on Sunday– fun, but it was really my first time hosting something like that and I literally ran around from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. Monday we took many trips of 3 cars (2 wagons, 1 SUV) to the storage unit and emptied it of furniture and boxes. It needed to be done, we can save the $150/mo, and it was good to do it that day because $husband was unlikely to ever get motivated to do it later. But now the house is full of boxes. Parents left this morning, and I’ve sort of been wandering around aimlessly. Ran some errands, did some laundry, trying not to be a lump on the couch.

Yesterday I managed to burst a blood vessel in my wrist (yes that big one there, it hurts). I can put some weight on the wrist but my grip isn’t 100%. I wanted some kind of workout today but nothing too strenuous or load-bearing.

For some reason, what I wound up with was a half hour “barre toning” video (as much as I hate “toning”). It was good. It kicked my butt hard, in many weak problem areas (core, hips, glutes) but in the good way, the way where you say “thank you for kicking my butt!” and feel at peace afterward. I followed it with a little yoga– which went better than usual because hey, my hips were warm and open. Funny how that works. I’m debating trying another. Has anyone out there got any suggestions?

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