More weights and stuff

Bah. I was hoping for a super-productive day today, but it’s turning out to be the kind of day when I walk around the office and talk to people and synthesize information. Useful, but not shortening my to-do list.

Yesterday I did half of one of the barre workouts, which was brutal on my sore hip flexors and glutes (only had time for 20 minutes, needed to run out the door for a social function). I went to the gym this morning for the first time in almost a week for a nice upperz workout and a bit of squat range of motion training with a resistance band to practice sitting back into my squat. Bench got worked in to the middle of the session, since someone was using my favorite bench (how dare they!)

Biceps curl, triceps extension, dumbbell 1-arm row, DB shrug, OHP, bench press, assisted pullup/dip, lat pulldown, pec fly

I dreamed last night that I could do a bunch of pullups… maybe someday.

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