What is a posterior chain and what does it do?

Google has some interesting search suggestions when you start typing "posterior chain" into the search box, the title of the post was one that popped up and made me chuckle.

I was searching for posterior chain exercises in case there were any novel ones that I should use in today’s workout. Alas, there’s nothing new under the sun, but it was nice to get a little extra confirmation. I focused on my entire back side at higher rep/lower weights, but threw in some more sets of squat ROM drills because I’m supposed to be doing those every day. All this took an hour flat, including a 1 mile/10 minute warmup run and a bit of stretchy yoga at the end.

SS #1
Squat exercise for ROM (BW with a band looped around an upright so I can sit back a bit) – 4×10
Good morning – 3x10x45lb
Glute-ham raise – 3x10x10lb
Romanian DL – 3x10x95lb
Glute bridge – 3x10x95lb

SS #2
Band pull apart – 3×10, red band (I broke a yellow one, oops. Hulked out on it)
Cable face pull – 3x10x50
Back lunge – 3x10x18lb each side

$husband has been away from the gym for a long time now and he finally decided that it was time to get back to lifting. (Yay on so many levels, including Buff Husband.) One of our dreams was to set up a basement gym; he’s finally committed to that and made a ridonk huge/expensive order from Rogue of a short squat rack that fits in our short basement, a bar and some collars. UPS says it’s arriving tomorrow! In 7 boxes! Those poor delivery guys. We have a bench, but no plates, so I’ve been scouring Craigslist for a deal on used ones (it’s not like the metal goes bad). Might have a lead on that, so maybe we can save a little money.

Now we just need to clear some boxes out of the way so we can set it up.

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2 Responses to What is a posterior chain and what does it do?

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Plates are crazy expensive. I’ve looked in second-hand sports stores but they’re still very dear. We got my bench and weights from Craigslist at a very good price – a lot of people are just happy to have someone come and take it away, rather than have to cart the weights to a store.

    • G says:

      I looked around for a week or so, but no luck on cheap plates. Dick’s has plain metal plates for $1/lb— still spendy but we decided to swap timeliness for thriftiness.

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