In which I lift weights and sew a dress

This week has been a little bit weird and a lot busy. I worked at home both Monday and Tuesday– Monday’s my normal work at home day, but we were expecting packages both days that I needed to be home for. (Wine from our realtor on Monday, and the squat rack and bar– yay!– on Tuesday.) So I was back in the gym Wednesday for my usual short early workout.

This morning I had another early meeting so it was another short early workout. I thought about going in earlier, but I’ve been so tired lately that I just can’t give up the sleep. (Am I getting sick? Do I have some kind of nutrient deficiency? What the heck?)

Wednesday – quick upperz workout
Bench 4x5x125lb, 3×10 biceps/triceps, rear delt flys, barbell rows, one arm bent over rows, OHP, shrugs

Thursday – quick legbutt workout
3×10 squat ROM drill, 2×10 RDL, leg press, barbell reverse lunge, glute thruster, good morning, single leg dumbbell RDL, weighted side bend

I remembered just now that I was on a barre workout kick for a bit. What happened to that? Anyway.

Most of my feeling super busy this week is self-inflicted. I haven’t had downtime at home because – I don’t think I mentioned this? – I seem to have fallen in with my local SCA group, am going to an event this weekend, and so I need something to wear and I’ve been making it. (Some people might wear borrowed gear for their first event. Not me!) So since Monday I’ve been burning the midnight oil making a 14th century fitted kirtle (similar to this, but plain linen) and chemise to go under it. I do enjoy sewing, especially drafting my own patterns, and I’ve had a lot of fun helping my friends with their projects! It’s just a lot of work, and I have so much left to do. I’ve been having some Feels about how the 8+ hour workday+commute leads directly to western consumer culture, because there’s no time to do useful things like make a dress so you have to buy it. $husband wasn’t super into the SCA thing at first, but last night the heavy combat master was at practice– I guess that’s what he’d been waiting for, because when I looked up from my chemise he was in that group swinging a plastic bat around. He did combat reenactment in college so it’s not his first time at this rodeo.

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3 Responses to In which I lift weights and sew a dress

  1. John says:

    Wine and a new squat rack? Can we be friends?

  2. Gingerzingi says:

    That dress is AMAZING. No wonder you are feeling pressed for time!
    I’m with you on the Western consumer culture. I feel it most on food shopping and prep – it takes a ridiculous amount of my time.

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