Alejandro the Chinchilla

First off, I fail at recovery runs. After my 2 a day yesterday ($husband strained his back doing rows; now he’s grumpy and it seems to be all my fault because I tried to correct his form and he "can’t bend that way"; I’ve researched alternate exercises for him, ‘coaching’ sucks) I got a halfway decent night of sleep, and today I headed to the gym for some "easy recovery cardio". Instead, I ran my fastest treadmill 5k ever (somewhere between 9’35" and 9’58" depending on which tracker you believe), which was a fairly tough workout but one that left no lingering fatigue or ill effects. I guess we’ll see how my quads and hips feel tomorrow (another 2 a day on the schedule, leg day + squat/DL/OHP, whee…)

I’m finally getting around to doing Season 7 of Zombies, Run! The story’s been meandering since they wrapped up S6, but today’s mission featured a new character, Alejandro the Chinchilla. He squeaks.

I found one of those spreadsheets for long-term average TDEE calculation. It requires two things: 1) daily weighing; and 2) accurate-as-I-can calorie tracking. Blehhh. I’ll call it a necessary evil; having that data will mean I can stop fussing and guessing how much I ought to eat. But I need 2-4 weeks of good data before I can rely on it.

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  1. I decided that I want to start actual running…. again but I am serious this time. I have joined a running club and participated in the last 5 free open 5k runs. I am averaging 20 to 25 minutes a mile :-( I hope to improve as I signed up for a half marathon in October… Your time is impressive to me!

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