Back on dat grind

While I was hanging out in my gym’s office I saw their events schedule for the rest of the year. The annual powerlifting comp, MIA from May, is slated for October. I like this little casual comp and have been using it as an excuse to lift and train for a couple years now. So part of me is like "yay!" and part of me is like "crap I guess I better start putting some real iron on these bars". Still, I don’t get my new plan until Tuesday so I’m just farting around.

Today’s another 2 a day day ($husband has decided that his back feels well enough; we shall see) and the morning’s workout was a shorter legbutt day. Mostly I just wanted to see how things were feeling. Squats were slightly heavy, enough to make them hard but I had some room to pay attention and play with my form. The ROM drills are yielding results– hitting depth was easy peasy and I could keep the force vector over my midfoot. I didn’t hit deadlift too hard today; my warmup set felt a tiny bit cranky in my lower back (it’s tired from yesterday’s run + the squats). I belted up for the working set and kept it light. (Belts make everything better.) Then OHP and quick accessories, and I was out the door.

Squat ROM drill – 10
Squat – 5x45lb, 5x5x135lb
Deadlift – 5x135lb, 5x155lb
OHP – 5x45lb, 5x5x55lb
Barbell lunge – 2x10x55lb
Weighted glute/ham raises – 2x10x10lb
Cable woodchop – 2x10x27.5lb, each side

Tonight is more of the same: squat, DL and (seated, our basement ceiling is too short) OHP at $husband’s working weight (bar and some change). Not sure if he’s going to do DL, I suggested at least back extensions.

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1 Response to Back on dat grind

  1. John says:

    I’d love to find a local powerlifting camp, but I live way the hell in the middle of nowhere. Sounds like another great workout. If I haven’t already said it, I love deadlifts and squats. On my last set of squats yesterday, I got 275 for 10, but then I saw spots. The rest of my workout was just okay.

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