Actual recovery run

My quads and associated leg-parts are sore (guess those squats yesterday morning were heavier than I thought) and today I planned to do some yoga and maybe a short walk, but it’s cool and lightly drizzly and I really wanted to run. So, I picked the flattest route I could think of (tough around here) and took it deliberately slow for 40 minutes. It was nice to do a slow run; that and the rainy weather made it feel refreshing. I should still probably do some yoga though, I could use a good stretch.

The two-a-day 5×5 B with $husband went well. His form was good, he deadlifted wonkily but without injury, and we diagnosed his issue as some seriously tight hamstrings– he can’t even touch his toes. I gave him some extra credit work, rubber band straight-leg/Romanian deadlifts. If he does those every day it should help put a little length and strength back in his posterior chain until he can move properly again.

Speaking of mobility, my birthday request was for a subscription at one of those massage chains… birthday is coming up, we’ll see if Santa brings it for me…

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