Plan? what plan?

This morning I met with one of the trainers at my gym to get my "exercise prescription" after the fitness evaluation. For some reason I thought it would be like a week’s worth of plan, but it was an accessory workout that included back, shoulder, core and hip work, which he designed to help out my big lifts on the days when I do 2 a days. Good stuff, but I was kind of hoping for One Plan To Rule Them All. On the plus side, I get to keep doing what I want mostly :)

Yesterday I had a surprise 8.5 miler. How does one get surprised into running their farthest run ever? Well… there was a park I wanted to check out (old missile launch site!) and I google mapped the park entrance and it was 3.someodd miles away. Doable. Well, turns out there’s a lot of park back behind that entrance to get to the interesting stuff. By the time I made it to the entrance I was like "welp I’m here, might as well get to what I wanted to see"… so add a mile, and then add another one coming back, and there’s my long run. It was hot. I’m sunburned.

I bought my husband a small hibachi grill for Christmas a couple years ago and he’s never used it. (Lesson learned: Never go off-list.) I actually got it out yesterday and got it fired up and cooked some chicken thighs on it (not particularly well, it was having a hard time staying hot enough). So that was cool, but while I was cooking I think every mosquito in the county bit me. I’m 99% sure I have Zika now. That plus the remnants of my poison ivy nonsense (yes it’s been over a month, my body is STILL reacting) means I’m itchy about everywhere.

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2 Responses to Plan? what plan?

  1. John says:

    Congratulations on the run and on the chicken cooking! I cook on my grill several times a week; it’s one of my favorite things to do. I have my pull-up/dip station under the gazebo by the grill, so I can get a little more working out done while the food is cooking. If you’re interested in “one plan to rule them all,” I have several, and a couple that are great. Especially for the big lifts.

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