Half a week’s worth

I get to write about a few workouts here…

Wednesday was a easy peasy lemon squeezy treadmill run before starting my day, 30 minutes and done. Nothing really to report, other than to reiterate that HGTV is my favorite treadmill distraction (even more so now that I can’t wear headphones).

Yesterday I worked at home because I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon– it was finally time to go and get me some oral/topical steroids to kick this month of poison ivy in the butt. I started the prednisone today and already I’m feeling better, much less itchy. Hopefully I stop getting new blisters, and the old ones heal up. So the evening’s lifting workout with my husband was my only workout of the day– fine, but I wanted to do a bit more than lift at his current 5×5 level of progression, so I stuck a few heavier sets onto the end. It looked like this:

Squat – 10xROM drill, 5x45lb, 5x5x75lb, 3x5x135lb
Bench – 5x5x70lb, 2x5x125lb, 1x5x135lb
Row – 5x5x60lb

I knew it would happen: my husband started complaining that I "wouldn’t let him" lift the heavier weights. Dude, just give it 2-3 weeks, you’ll get there! With less DOMS and hopefully no injuries since he didn’t jump right in to the heavy stuff. He’ll catch up with and pass me before long, I’m certain of it.

And today I came in and did the plan that my fitness evaluator put together. It’s supposed to be a quicker one, but that plus a 10 minute warmup run took me a good hour. At least I had time today. The workout has a lot of cable pec and lat work, along with some core/hips/stabilization work and a little bit of extra leg. I didn’t really care for doing more rows after rows last night, but oh well.

It’s supposed to be hot as bawls this weekend. I miss the pool :( (I couldn’t go in it now anyway with this fresh piercing, but I’m still going to whine.)

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3 Responses to Half a week’s worth

  1. John says:

    Lifting and piercings. Watch out–there is a thing called “too sexy”!

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