Keeping moving

It’s been so hot here and I haven’t been very ambitious with my runs. Basically I commit to going out for 30 minutes and not pushing too hard. I come back a dripping mess but I come back without a splitting headache so that’s a plus. I did one of those on the 4th, and another today. Ah well, at least I’m getting out there. The weather is breaking tonight so I think tomorrow will be a good day for a more ambitious run.

The 4th was also a lifting day. $husband strained his back again unracking a deadlift carelessly, I watched him pull it from way forward and the next second he was hollering. I’ve done the same thing myself. It happened too fast for me to get in there and stop him; I hope he’s learned to respect the weight on the bar, even when it’s not heavy.

Tomorrow we’re having a massive amount of dirt (5 yd!) delivered to re-grade the house. I’m fairly sure that the job of moving it from where they dump it to where it needs to go is going to fall to me…

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