10 miles!

On Sunday I did something I’d never done before: I ran for 10 miles. I didn’t set out planning to do that, but after I’d been running for a while I kept saying "why not keep going?" and then 10 miles seemed like a good goal to push for. Because it was unplanned, though, I didn’t bring along any water and got pretty parched. Still– it wasn’t too strenuous and I feel fairly confident that, with a little prep (like a dang water bottle) I could easily get to a half-marathon. It wasn’t a fast run, just over 11’00"/1:53, but heck, I’m still pretty happy about it. The hardest part seems to be finding the time for longer runs… not just the actual running time, but the aftermath where I feel like a potato for a couple hours.

There was a surreal moment when I realized that I was running by a shopping center that we’d driven to many times that seemed kind of far away, we always got there by highway (I was about 5 miles out at that point). I sent my husband a text "hey I’m at the Home Depot" and he said "so far!!" I just massively expanded the areas available to me on foot…

Today I went to the gym and lifted some. I’m not feeling super strong lately but I haven’t been pushing too hard either. The morning sessions were supposed to be my intense heavy sessions with the easier 5×5 with my husband in the evening, but I’ve sort of been happy to slack along with his 5×5 program progress.

Bench – 10x45lb, 5x95lb, 5x115lb, 4x5x125lb
Squat – ROM drill x10, 9x45lb (my hip felt hitchy and I decided to save heavier squat for the evening)
Row – 5x5x75lb
Bonus 2×10 – biceps, triceps, rear delt flys, one-arm rows

Last post I was talking about having to move a 5 yd^3 pile of dirt, and I speculated that I’d have to do it all. I was right. 3 hours of shoveling and hauling dirt in a wheelbarrow and dumping it all over the yard. I’m lucky that I’m pretty sturdy; it seems like otherwise nothing would ever get done.

I was feeling a little bit of resentfulness about all the work. And then I remembered how much work my mom took on for years while my dad was out of commission while he recovered from surgery after surgery when I was a kid. She worked, she cooked, she did the yard work (I had as many chores as I could handle, but I was still just a kid). I can’t imagine how angry she must’ve been sometimes. Would it be weird to sit down with her sometime and say thanks? I feel like I should.

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1 Response to 10 miles!

  1. As you build more distance that exhausted feeling post run will disappear and you will have more energy throughout the day. Congrats. Super exciting to hit big mileage for the first time!

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