Past and future workouts

So many workouts falling off the blog. I think the last time I wrote was last Thursday?

Friday I was kind of sore and just ellipticaled and yoga’d.

Saturday I took completely off. Yay! Though I felt very loafy after the Brazilian steakhouse dinner.

Sunday I ran 6 miles, then had lifties with $husband in the evening, along with a metric shitton of yard work.

Monday I also did nothing. Yay!

Today I went to the gym early (darn 9am meetings) and did a 5x5B workout, along with some core-ish accessories. I’ll be repeating this with different weights with $husband. He’s still trucking along, we’ll see how deadlifts work out for him (fingers crossed that he can keep from hurting himself this time).

Squat – 10xROM drill, 5x45lb, 5x5x115lb (tonight is 110lb I think)
OHP – 5x5x45lb (tonight is 75lb seated, kill me now)
DL – 5x135lb, 3x205lb (tonight is 100lb)
2×10 glute/ham raise, weighted side bend, cable woodchop

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