No patience today

I have this one coworker who tends to get on my last nerve a lot. It’s interesting, because we actually get along pretty well outside of work, but in the office he’s a Whiny McWhinerson and I’m pretty sure if he spent his time solving problems rather than complaining about them he’d have less to complain about. Today’s one of those days when I want to tell him off. I might just be cranky.

I went to the gym this morning despite feeling utterly exhausted. The gym is a durable habit, but sometimes I wonder if it’s making things worse when I’m as tired and sore as I am now. It wasn’t anything heroic, 15 minutes (fairly fast) on the treadmill, followed up by some light-ish bench (5x5x115lb) and biceps/triceps and a stretch. Today’s a two-a-day so there’ll be more squat/bench/row tonight. For now I feel a little energized, at least.

Yesterday I did my exercise prescription workout. At least I’m getting the hang of it. And it still takes too long.

I shouldn’t have, but I got a big cup of coffee after lunch. Will I sleep tonight? We’ll see.

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