Marking miles

All right, I think I’m just going to accept that I’m going to be blogging several workouts at a time, and that’s okay. Now, since I last posted…

Friday I worked at home and got a 3.75 mi run in. I pushed the pace a little bit on this one (10’30”) and it felt pretty tough. I also ordered a new pair of running shoes, the latest refresh of the Mizuno Wave Rider. I’ve been wearing these for years now, it’s nice to have a shoe that fits reliably.

I seem to be making long runs on Sunday a habit– it’s been 3 weeks in a row. Yesterday I went out with the goal of hitting 11 miles. I took some water, and $2 in case I needed to stop and get more. (I was glad of that $2 when I ran past a gas station and decided to go in for a nice cold refill.) I didn’t actually make it to 11 miles, but 10.75 is plenty, and still the farthest I’ve ever run. (2:03:15/11’28”) When did I become a crazy distance runner? My legs were cramping by the end, electrolytes way out of whack (note: take salt!)

Also there was another first on this run: it was the first time a car’s deliberately driven through a puddle to get me wet; a truck swerved into a puddle on the shoulder and drenched me from the waist down. Ironically this was 10 miles in, I was already soaked with my own sweat, and I honestly did not care. Do your worst, asshole truck!

I felt pretty crappy afterwards; usually I take some ibuprofen right away to avoid a migraine but I didn’t this time and sure enough I felt sickly for a while and needed to nap it off.

It’s been raining like crazy here and on Saturday the basement flooded after 5″ of rain in one afternoon. Our house is old and the basement is weird; there are steps outside going to the cellar door but the drain is inside, in the basement. If it’s raining hard enough that the drain there can’t handle it, a river flows through the basement towards the other floor drains. One of those wasn’t draining right, and we wound up with a puddle up to my ankles. (Thankful it was just rainwater.) I swept the water into the other floor drain. That took care of most of it, and the dehumidifier is finishing the job. We evacuated most of the stuff in the flood path but there’s one shelving unit right in the way that my husband is being stubborn about moving. It’s particleboard and it’ll rot into a big mess.

Anyway the raging torrents stayed away from the squat rack and we were able to lift last night. OHP is up to 75lb and that’s feeling really heavy for me; I’ll try 80lb next time but won’t be surprised if I miss some reps. Husband thinks that’s easy peasy but is struggling with 105lb deadlifts because he’s got no posterior flexibility. At least he didn’t hurt his back again.

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