A good day

Today started out with getting up a little bit early for a Sunday, drinking my coffee and then heading out for a 8.7mi run. I thought it was going to be a slog because I was kind of sore; it was, but now that I look back on it it doesn’t seem so bad. Then, some rest, some food, and off to the pool with friends. Very good day, A+ will do again.

Catching up on workouts… Friday was a curiously fast run, 2.4mi in 23:29, 9’54” pace. I ate some sugar before I headed out (I don’t usually eat sugar) and I think it acted like rocket fuel. My stomach hurt but I was fast.

Got a couple lifting workouts in this week too, but not as much going on there. My workweek was too busy and I skipped work gym a couple days (so sad!) There was a little bit of home lifting going on, but $husband tweaked his back again lifting a bag of peat moss so we postponed some of that. My back’s been crunky too, so I don’t really mind. I tried to foam roll really good today and work out whatever’s pulling on my lower back. Once upon a time I had really nice lower back flexibility, but lately something is really tight and it hurts.

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