Brain bats and barbells

I’m not doing particularly well lately, feeling pretty depressed and tired and apathetic. I depend on a high energy level to get my work done! I have too much to do to sit at my desk and stare off into space and think about how everything is awful! I also feel like I ought to have some magical way to make my brain work better, and that doesn’t help either.

Ironically I’ve been sleeping really well lately, getting to bed early (mostly because I’m exhausted and nothing is interesting enough to justify staying awake). Doesn’t matter though; I still wake up groggy and sore. Maybe we need to save up some money for a new bed.

Yep I’m physically run-down too. I’ve tried swapping a couple workouts over to yoga and stretching and foam-rolling but recovery doesn’t seem to be sticking.

Yesterday’s morning workout was a yoga swap; in the evening $husband and I got some lifting in, his first since he hurt his back (again). Bench at 105lb was fine, substituted DL at 105lb was also fine (for me, not sure about $husband) but squats at 135lb just wrecked me. Every time I do squats, my lower back gets sore and my hips get super tight. They go up too fast in 5×5 and I’m just frustrated.

Today I rolled up to the gym early and had just zero motivation. I wound up doing more core/hip work– because that’s what you do when you have a chronically sore area right, work it harder? Glute/ham raises (3x10x25lb), 1leg RDLs (3x10x8lb dbs, each side), plank (2x90sec), barbell rear lunges (3x10x45lb), kettlebell side bends, kettlebell swings, kettlebell glute thrusters (3x10x35lb each).

Gonna go eat lunch now and hope that helps….

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