so very TGIF

This week has been something else. I’m physically exhausted and sore, really busy at work, and still battling a massive case of the sads. Ironically, I’ve been getting excellent sleep all week, probably because I’m anhedonic enough that staying up to do anything feels like a waste so I just go to bed early. The bright spot in my week was supposed to be a day trip to the beach over the weekend but my friend bailed (her life is much less fun than mine right now, so I can’t be mad).

Anyway, Wednesday’s corebutt workout wrecked my hamstrings and glutes. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I bailed on doing anything substantial yesterday – 30 mins on the elliptical was it – and scrubbed the evening’s 5×5 workout too.

Today my posterior chain is less sore so I did my weirdo accessory exercise prescription. Cable chest flys, a couple kinds of lat pulls, 1-leg leg press, rear delt flys, landmine rows, some unstable plank holds, and this weird thing called a Paloff hold while stepping on and off a platform. I’m having a "wtf is the point even" moment with this workout. But I’m having those kinds of feelings overall, so I’m going to roll with it for now. We should get a 5x5B in tonight.

I wound up putting a too-long post in a reddit fitness group about my lack of useful progress lately and the replies were all along the lines of "get a goal". I need to get my head straight first, but yeah…

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