House and workout and medical updates

You know, I feel like I’m running low on energy sometimes but I also realize that I take very little downtime – this weekend I hardly stopped moving! I finally got all the plants I bought last weekend into their forever homes – a fancy purple amaranth, 2 catmints, a Russian sage (smells amazing!), some vincas and marigolds for the deck flower boxes, a butterfly bush, and 3x creeping myrtle for some ground cover. The wildflowers are sprouting, the mint and catnip are doing okay in their pots, and my mother in law also gave me two big shiso plants from her garden that I put in a tough spot – they’re hardy and self-seeding so hopefully they spread some and fill it in. I ought to take some garden pictures!

I also bought a fancy compost tumbler and that’s assembled and set in the sun to help it cook the compost; I’m looking forward to turning coffee ground and kitchen scraps into nice top dressing rather than landfill.

The ground around our house is super heavy clay, hard as a rock. So before every plant goes in, I have to till and improve the soil. I’ve used a massive amount of peat moss, leaf compost and manure/humus mix. Tilling wouldn’t be so bad, but there are so many tree/shrub roots so it’s hard to dig in. It’s a lot of work, I’ve got shovel calluses.

Speaking of calluses, $husband has been complaining lightly about his lifting calluses. Gotta toughen up those soft computer hands! 5×5 is coming along; in yesterday’s A workout squats finally hit 150lb. $husband’s left knee is complaining and he’s been icing/wrapping it. Anyone out there got experience lifting with knee pain? I have no idea what to do. Bench is only up to 110lb, which is still pretty light for both of us. Rows, on the other hand, are at 90lb and that’s getting to the point where my form starts to break down at the end of sets. (Let’s not talk about how I’m failing 85lb seated OHP… had to deload that to 75lb. Debating getting microplates.)

Sunday’s run was a shorter run this week, 3.5 miles (in brutal humid hotness). I’ve kind of decided that heroic 10 milers leave me too fatigued to be able to lift that day or the next. Today I had a treadmill intervals workout – 5 minutes warmup, 20 minutes progressive 1×1 intervals (work and rest increasing by 0.1mph each set) and 5 minutes final fast cruise. 3 miles in 30 drippy minutes, not bad.

Finally, I also got the results of my physical bloodwork. I was kind of concerned that my lipids might spike with this weird way of eating, but everything came back in normal ranges. The only thing that needed attention was my vitamin D, which was just slightly low so the doctor asked me to take a supplement. I don’t know how it can be low, I’m out in the sun every darn day lately.

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