Form and function

Next week I’m away on work travel, so I’m making an effort to get my shiz together this week before I go. This includes hitting workouts hard enough to feel like I want a break for a week to recover (although I plan to still get some activity in on my trip). There is a bright side, though: I’m staying the weekend after and going camping with my friend. There will be mountains, lakes and canoeing. We’re planning on maximum fun. (This friend is always, always good for maximum fun, I miss her and I’m glad I get to see her!)

First half of today’s twofer was a 10 minute run warmup and the first half of my exercise prescription weirdo workout, focusing on lats and pecs. I understand a pec squeeze, but I always spend too much of my lat sets playing around with the exercise form until I manage to activate the lats properly, rather than my arms or obliques. I finally figured it out today and got the right squeeze on the back of my body. Tonight should be a 5x5B and squats are going to feel massive; my lower back is already slightly cranky.

Yesterday I felt the need to vroom and did another 3 mile in 30 minutes treadmill workout, but progressive rather than intervals this time. It was tough and I sweated everywhere, but it turned to be not really depleting. I followed that with bench press and some bicep/tricep/row/shrug accessories. Lifting all the things!

My friend is training for a half marathon at the end of September and is trying to get me to sign up with him. On the plus side, it’s along a canal, and I’m reasonably confident that I can shuffle my way through 13 flat miles. On the minus side, that’s within 2-3 weeks of my powerlifting competition and I’m definitely running a risk of my training goals opposing each other. But I’m not trying to be competitive in the half, just finishing it. Any thoughts from folks out there who both run and lift?

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