Doubling up

Have I mentioned that two a days kind of suck? I’m not sure I have the time baked into my life right now to recover from lifting heavy twice a day.

Tues AM:
10 minutes fast running warmup
Bench – 5x5x115lb
Squat – 5x5x115lb
Accessory biceps, triceps, one arm bentover row, rear delt fly – 2×10

Tues PM:
Squat – 5x5x160lb
Bench – 5x5x125lb
Barbell row – 5x4x85lb

Those 160lb squats were big and brutal, and bench wasn’t easy either. I’m thinking about switching from SL5x5 to GZCLP in a few weeks; it’s more targeted (one big lift per session) and also more broad (flexible in terms of accessory work). My husband’s getting to the point where he will start to stall on squats but they keep going up so fast in 5×5.

This morning I was tired, sore and in a hurry so I just ellipticaled for 30 minutes and called it done. I took the slack time on the hamster wheel to do a little reading; at the airport I picked up a book called "How to Lead When You’re Not In Charge" (the title grabbed my attention because that’s exactly my situation). I’m like 2/3 of the way through and I’m not sure I’d really recommend it; the author is a pastor and the book is heavily Christian and uses a pastor job for context. It’s not my usual thing, being agnostic/non-religious and all, but I was raised in that environment so the concepts are not unfamiliar. I also appreciate the servant-leader model, and it’s true that Jesus is a good example of that; the book makes a lot out of it. Anyway, once I get past the bible verses etc there are some nuggets in there and reading while I ellipticaled gave my brain space to spin off some ideas. Favorite thing about mindless cardio: having the slack time to think.

The main idea of the book, that you can lead from wherever you are in an organization, is both on point and very frustrating. My job is interesting. Despite being at the bottom of the hierarchy, I’m leading and responsible for a very large and high-profile project. I’m not totally f’ing it up so far but there are some areas where I could use more experience and skills, and I’m finding that opportunities in those areas are not available to me because my position isn’t high enough up the ladder. So I’m talking up a promotion (which is still unlikely, because of how rigidly my org is structured) not because I want more pay or a fancy title or a bigger office, but because I want ACCESS to these learning opportunities so that I might do a better job.

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