UnF— my squat

It’s been a long time since I’ve written, hasn’t it? Not for lack of exercise, though I’ve been feeling fairly unmotivated lately. I’m also writing a bunch for work so that’s not helping my will to blog.

Anyway, start with today. 52 minutes on the treadmill, very gradually faster, not quite 5 miles. I’ve been having an unhappy groin issue but that didn’t seem to affect my running. (Not that I’ve been putting in a lot of miles lately.)

It has, however, affected my lifting. $husband has been pushing me to lift every other day with him. This is cool. But squatting every other day (he’s doing SL5x5) is not doing me any favors, especially strugglebugging through heavy sets. I’ve been skipping squats entirely a lot. Also not doing me favors. On the other hand, my bench is coming along– I ground out 5 sets at 140lb (4,5,4,3,3 because that’s how it goes). I’m tempted to start working toward singles at BW because that’s been a goal of mine.

But putting another 5 or 10lb on bench is not helping my total when I could be adding lots of weight to squat. I feel like, if I just learned how to do it right– pinned down my form, made sure I engaged the right muscles, worked on bad movement patterns and inflexibilities– I could make a lot of progress and get over my fear of getting under the bar. So I’m kicking around the idea of hiring a professional– aka one of the staff at my gym– for some targeted sessions to unfuck my squat. Has anyone out there tried this? What went into it?

Just watching YouTube videos isn’t working…

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