Operating at maximum capacity

So it looks like we’ll be spared most of the hurricane’s wrath. Still, we’re going to do a little more prep, bring in the deck furniture and plants, and hunker down for a bit of rain and wind. I’m hoping against hope for a weekend that isn’t too awful– it is faire season after all and I’ve got costumes to wear :)

Work continues to be a shitshow, and my bandwidth is maxed out so I’m dropping packets (much to the chagrin of the people who are depending on me to keep up with stuff). It’s depressing, but I’m not being quiet about it. "Sometimes you just have to turn the ops chart red." And my new favorite, "They will keep giving you more things to do until you start failing."

Anyway, I did get a chance to lift– quickly– this morning. Mostly posterior chain stuff. I was screwing up one leg RDLs and a gym staff came over and gave me form tips and even sent a video– awfully nice of her! (Basically I need to keep my hips level.)

Biceps, triceps, one-arm bent over rows, shrugs, barbell glute thrusters, one leg RDLs, barbell RDLs, one leg glute thrusters

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2 Responses to Operating at maximum capacity

  1. Gingerzingi says:

    Glad you came through OK. We had no damage and kept power the whole time. I’m concerned about long term effects, given that major highways are closed, but we are okay here in the middle of the state.

    My work is similar, although I doubt if it’s as bad as yours. One of the problems is that my immediate boss doesn’t seem to “get” the concept of bandwidth issues. She’s one of those people who thrives on having more and more and more to do, but she doesn’t recognize that she’s able to do so much by doing it poorly and dropping the ball constantly, which other people have to pick up. So my concerns about workload fall on deaf ears. (I actually like her very much, but I’m not blind to this aspect of her work personality).

    Meh. What are you going to do…

    • G says:

      Glad to hear you came through the storm ok, I hope they get the roads reopened soon. I saw the pictures where they were basically rivers…

      My boss knows I have too much, but I can’t give up any commitments. The biggest stuff is short-term so I just need to hang in there a couple more weeks.

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