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This week has been busy, as usual. Monday I squeezed in a short run, Tuesday I squeezed in a half hour of lifting, Wednesday I snuck out in the early morning to run before work, today (Thursday) I squeezed in another half hour of lifting in the morning, and I’m due to go lift some more with $husband once he’s done eating. (For the record, I don’t like lifting heavy in the evening after dinner, I always feel barfy, but that’s what we do now.)

Tues-Wed was weird because I was doing a weird thing: a 48 hour fast. My longest fast previously was 24 hours, so I wasn’t sure what would happen. It was all right, easier than I thought it would be, but workouts were kind of crap obviously. It was kind of nice to not worry about eating for a while, but you can bet I enjoyed eating dinner on Wednesday. :)

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