I mentioned the other day that I have a casual PL comp and a race coming up so I’ll probably train half-assedly for both. Yesterday I spent some time trying to figure out a training baseline.

Running first: in the morning I set out to see just how fast I could run a 5k on the treadmill. I can see I’m getting faster, but how hard can I push myself?

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_7acTurns out I can push pretty hard. I ran for 30 minutes, covered 3.34 mi, and according to my tracker ran 5k in 27:59 which blew my 30 minute 5k goal out of the water.

It was kind of exciting turning the treadmill up to speeds that I had only dreamed of. Now I have 2 months to translate that into a fast race.

And on to powerlifting: I’ve been farting around doing 5×5 with my husband intermittently. Luckily he’s lifting quite heavy now (except for deadlifts, still working on that one) so that’s good encouragement for me to go heavy too. Earlier this week I did 5×2 bench at 145lb, squats yesterday was ugly 5×5 at 185lb, and DL is still a little lower at 5x175lb but I have time to work on that.

I’m not planning on being soooper srs at the comp, but if I can beat my Wilks from last time I’ll be happy (hard to directly compare when I’m 60lb lighter).

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