Order of operations

I was having Deep Thoughts in the locker room today: If I’m training for a powerlifting competition in one month, a 5k race in 2 months, and trying to shift my body composition just a leeetle bit leaner in the meanwhile, and my time to train is mostly adequate but my recovery time is not, how should I do it?

The answer is straightforward, really: running is lower priority and I already have a good handle on it, the comp is sooner, and cutting isn’t going to help. Therefore: lift heavy, eat enough but as clean as my brain can handle, and gosh darn it take time to recover. Running can live on the back burner for a while.

Of course, I decided this after another fast treadmill run, 3mi at average 9’30" pace. It felt hard but my heart rate monitor says it wasn’t all that hard, my HR only peaked at 162 at the end and hovered in the 140s through most of it.

$husband wants to lift tonight (I think it’s a SL5x5 A workout this time) so recovery, what recovery? I might just do some heavy singles again. My back has been squirrely for a couple days.

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