Brutal 40 minute tempo

I like the Higdon intermediate 5k training plan, and use that to organize my workouts. It’s a 2 month plan that increases in difficulty. This year, I don’t have 2 months to train before my annual benchmark 5k, I have 1 month. So I’m using the same plan, but just the second half of it– meaning I jump right into really tough speedwork. Like today’s 40 minute tempo run.

This is made more difficult by the fact that I don’t have a good handle on how hard I can push my pace right now– what is "comfortably hard"? I think this one definitely crossed over into "uncomfortably hard"– not necessarily a bad thing from a training perspective, but I am pooped.

40 minute tempo
10 minute warmup (~11’00")
20 minute work (between 9’30" and 8’00")
10 minute cruise (~10’00")

My idea was to gradually increase the speed in the work interval, as I find turning up the treadmill is a good motivator. That went okay for the first 10 minutes but I definitely went well beyond my aerobic threshold (so much wheezing!) and had to back off some. Still, I managed to do better than 10’00" over the 40 minutes. I think I turned over 5k by 29:30 so maybe I’ll set my sights on 29:00 for the race.

Also the results from the powerlifting competition are in and… I won. It wasn’t a terribly competitive competition, and my total was ~200lb more than any of the other women (9 of us competed though, which was pretty cool). Maybe I can motivate someone to get under the bar to beat me next year, the way I was motivated :)

I also had my annual review with my boss (went very well, apparently I’m a borderline rockstar?) and I had a breakthrough on a very stubborn project. So everything’s coming up me so far this week. I don’t trust it one bit, and I suspect I’m going to get food poisoning or be hit by a car or something.

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2 Responses to Brutal 40 minute tempo

  1. Simon says:

    I had never heard of the Higdon training plan till now. This looks interesting. I think I may stick to the couch to 5k plan for now and continue to be the slowest moving object on the planet.

    But I will have to keep this in mind for the future.

    Also, congrats on your positive work review. That is excellent news.

    • G says:

      I started with C25k years ago, it’s a great plan. There are different levels of the Higdon plans, gated by primarily mileage.

      And thanks for the kind words. My work still sucks but at least it is being recognized, for better or worse?

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